Police release acting Telikom MD from Boroko police cell

Police now have evidence pin- pointing medical or professional negligence

Police released the acting managing director for Telikom  Jessie Wangua from the Boroko cells yesterday after initial investigative reports suggested that his wife died from a medical complication and not from injuries sustained from a domestic violence and required a police homicide investigation.

NCD Metropolitan Superintendent Gideon Ikumu said the post mortem was conducted at 11 am on Friday and concluded the cause of death relating to medical complications arising from an antenatal surgery.

He said Police now have evidence pin- pointing medical or professional negligence as the cause of death, and it is now up to the family on both sides to pursue further investigations through a separate complaint against the hospital authority.

“The cause of death as per the post mortem conducted by a qualified doctor , cannot be linked to murder by Mr Wangua as alleged by relatives of late Mrs Wangua,” Ikumu said.

“It will not be able to pull through in the court of law. Therefore Police are not able to charge Mr Wangua.”

“The postmortem was conducted with the attendance of several members from both Mr and Mrs Wangua’s family and Police Detectives,” he said adding every step, observation and findings in the postmortem was explained by the doctor to parties while it was being carried out, so they understood.

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He said this was done for the purpose of transparency.

Ikumu said some of the relatives who went to the Boroko Police Station on Friday were satisfied in the way, this matter was handled by police.

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