Rapid tests for Malaria and COVID -19 both came back negative for Sir Julius Chan

Contrary to rumours being spread by individuals on social media New Ireland Governor Sir Julius Chan is not critically ill and has not been airlifted to hospital.

The family says Sir Julius was slightly ill earlier last week with flu-like symptoms, but he is recovering well at his Huris home in New Ireland.

New Ireland Deputy Governor, Sammy Missen, said from Kavieng that Health Officers from Namatanai Hospital, Mathew Oksap and Tomar Ladi who attended to Sir Julius at Huris said he is on recovery.

They conducted tests for Malaria and Covid- 19 and cleared the former Prime Minister with a clean bill of health, which was also confirmed by the acting Chief Executive Officer of the Kavieng General Hospital, doctor Joachim Taulo and senior doctor, Dr. Penny Charles.

Missen said: “Sir Julius took leave for the Easter weekend with his wife Lady Stella Chan and personal staff at Huris where concern was felt for his health, but his quick recovery is most encouraging.”

“These rumours are the work of disgusting people who are only out to hurt Sir Julius politically.

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“They don’t care that they are upsetting a lot of people by spreading such malicious gossip.

“This is the work of faceless cranks who have NO concern for senior statemen and the priceless work of our Governor has contributed to the nation and New Ireland.

“Those kinds of political messages are malicious and those persons making them should be charged for misinformation,” said Deputy Governor Missen.

Sir Julius from Huris has conveyed his thanks to the doctors of Namatanai and Kavieng for the team effort.

His family issued a statement saying: “We would like to extend our sincere thanks for everyone’s concern about our father Sir Julius Chan. Contrary to the false malicious rumours being spread on the internet, our father is at home in Huris Village, Namatanai and whilst he has been unwell and was seen to by a local doctor yesterday, he is feeling a lot better today.

“Rapid tests for Malaria and COVID -19 both came back negative and we await further diagnosis.

“We thank each and every one for your thoughts and prayers”.


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