Singsing Muruk beats off twice at Imonda

The unique Singsing Muruk danced for healing the sick, promoting economic success, celebrating victory against warring tribes and to pass on hunting prowess to young men just to name a few has been revived in the Vanimo Green River District, West Sepik.

Second time again the people of Walsa LLG in Imonda displayed a spectacular cultural show that attracted locals and visitors from nearby areas as far as Vanimo.

Thanks to DataCo and PNG Tourism Promotion Authority for the sponsorship of K40,000- a total of 13 groups performed.

It was actually an initiative by the Walsa Cocoa Cooperative Society who is endeavouring to create socio economic change to the far flung 13 villages by getting people to farm cocoa and the cooperative society would buy from them and then export overseas.

The largest they have exported was sundried cocoa beans to Jayapura weighing 36 tonnes.

Then money earned by people would be able to meet and sustain their daily needs.

Community engagement officer and local teacher Andrew Dahai has urged to communities to be focused, take collaborative responsibility and to ensure the Singsing Muruk slated for December 4th-coinciding with the Sandaun Provincial Government day each year takes place.

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This year’s theme was Enhancing Agriculture Through Culture.

The Singsing Muruk culture practiced over thousands of years by the people who inhabit the Walsa area and expands westward to Papua’s Kerom District is on the verge of losing its identity as impacts of logging and attraction to modernity subtly disinterests people.

Recent events have sparked enthusiasm and participation.

This year was spectacular than last year and young men and women have danced, though the number was not impressive yet, it was a step that was commendable.

West Sepik senior commerce officer Martin Arket has commended the Walsa people and their successful hosting of the event and said if there was funding next year, they would support.

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