Sir Julius Chan reflects on the 25th anniversary of his fathers death

Moments captured to remember in time often bring forth the underlying value in people and their journey in life and how they impact people along the way.

These were recollections of Sir Julius Chan as he visited the grave of his father; late Chin Pak in Sydney on Saturday accompanied by his brother Michael Chan and family.  Without fail Sir J has continually visited his father’s grave for the past 25 years since the 28th of September 1994.

Seven days earlier in Brisbane, Sir Julius also visited the grave of his stepmother, Yee Kun Chin, joined by stepbrother Bosco Chan to remember her passing 21 years ago on the 21st September 1994.

“As a stranger Chin Pak came ashore to the strange New Ireland and as a stranger he was buried in a foreign land.  Life is a mystery of faith and doers who make things happen not because it is a common thing to do but interesting to venture to the unknown,” recalled Sir Jullius in reminiscing with families and relatives in Sydney yesterday.

“They are so dear to me, including my very own native mother, late Miriam Tinkoris, from Nokon village in Namatanai who is buried in Rabaul and I will be with her again on October 30th marking 44 years since she left us.  I have never missed being with her for that moment every year.”

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Sir Julius said, “Sometimes we need to put the world aside and dedicate the fortune of having good upbringings from the discipline of our parents and elders…that is why my Government set up the Council of Elders in New Ireland Province.

In a personal note to his First Secretary in Kavieng, Sir Julius said, “We must, from all in my office, venture to turn the tide, create new ideas, penetrate the unknowns and hand over the finished products to those coming later.”

In responding First Secretary Robin Brown said, “Without life with purpose we cannot broker any legacy worthy of mention and late Chin Pak and Miriam Tinkoris are deserving of our gratitude and tribute as New Irelanders and Papua New Guineans for what Sir Julius Chan has become to our nation and province.”

On his return to Kavieng the Governor will chair meetings of the Project Implementation Committee and the Provincial Executive Council on the 7th of October then attend the National Parliament session from following Tuesday.

He will visit his late mothers grave on 30 October on his way to the 10th Council of Elders Conference on Tatau village on the Tabar group of Islands on the 6th of November.


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