So who is this person who does TV promos on EMTV?

Darrel Toll at "Wati Mountain" in Nuku. The back ground is Nuku District HQ and the airstrip

I know you’ve watched EMTV recently and admires the TV spots and promos that are aired.

It’s kind of a blind communication really because you’d probably like it but ponders hey, whose voice and design skills is that?

In radio it’s called blind communication between the presenter and the listeners.

The audience would like a radio program because of the voice of the presenter but they know little about the physical appearance of the person.

I can quite relate to that. When I worked with NBC Sandaun in Vanimo as a presenter and broadcaster I’ve had some “fans” from outside who’d never seen or known me.

They just love some of my productions and presentations and are avid listeners .

But by any chance if I catch up with one at a bar in town, they’d go, oh yeah I like that program and suddenly I have sponsored drinks.

I don’t like that much but its a rare perks and privilege I suppose.

Let me get back to my story about EMTV’s promo producer.

Well here is him and his name is Darrel Toll from Buka Island, North Bougainville.

Darrel Toll at “Wati Mountain” in Nuku. The back ground is Nuku District HQ and the airstrip

This is his photo taken at Wati Mountain in Nuku, West Sepik in 2015.

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When this photo was taken, my wife and I saw potential in Darrel to do videography and we invited him to produce a video documentary with me in Nuku.

Then I developed passion for video productions and my wife assisted me and bought our first video camera at CHM Waterfront.

Two months after registering a media company and opening bank accounts I got an invite to produce a documentary in Nuku and we saw who better than Darrel to develop and work with me.

At Nuku, Darrel and I sat down the morning before videography day and I produced to him my videography notes from Divine Word University and fundamentals of the art of telling a story.

The different shots and sequential shooting.

I also shared with him about my conviction in production that good story writing was important to send a message across. It should be complimented with good graphics, animations and design.

Little did I know that the trip to Nuku was baptism and break for Darrel to now soar , set standards and be on the market as far as video productions was concerned.

Darrel was a young man driven by passion for music and videography. Though he did some studies on printing and design at Port Moresby Technical College, everything was self taught, on the go.

At Maimai Wanwan, south of Nuku, doing video under the scorching September sun for a second day, he told me he was tired and could faint.

I stepped in and he took a break.

Following a production for Nuku, Darrel used that experience and got a job at Pacific View Multimedia.

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He then moved to EMTV and now the promos producer.

He is three in one package. He can script, do voice over, and do graphics and animations.

I think he brought a new dimension and standard of TV promos production and he pays close attention to detail that includes colour in the design. It’s whole of messaging.

I found him as one of those young kids today exposed to overseas and local productions and can craft a hybrid product that is admirable.

He thinks miles ahead and in depth when its designing.

When I produced the campaign video for Robert Agarobe contesting the Central Provincial Regional Seat, Darrel did the animation, lower thirds and sound editing.

We branded everything with the poster and brochure.

We branded the colour into the lower thirds design of the video. Extracted “Box 15” from the poster and animated it on video screen moving from left to right and vice versa.

Since we ran out of cut aways we decided to play with animation of “Box 15” flying around on the screen as people watched Agarobe talk .

The intent was for the minds to register “Box 15” and when they are at the voting booth, thinking hard, that number will be easily activated.

I think it worked.

Darrel was the producer for all the Rugby League World Cup promos at EMTV last year.

And even before he was the producer for the song and video clip of “Lewa Sogeri.”

Last week I caught up with Darrel again for a chat and he admitted the Nuku trip was break for him.

Our assistant producers in Nuku

He is now into writing as I emphasised to him in 2015.

Good videography compliments good writing.

I am humbled to think I have played a part in tapping and exposing a talent to “rock” the TV industry.

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But importantly, now you know who does the promos on EMTV.



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