Sorcery accused Papua New Guinean writes a book about the accusations and trauma

Becoming an author was something she never thought of but after being ridiculed and accused of ‘sanguma’ or sorcery and to the extent of being labelled as a witch and jailed for a crime she did not commit, she decided to pen down the gruesome experiences, pain and struggles and eventually published a book about her experiences.


Emily Niliwan Nili, 46, from Pipitomboss village in Wabag, Enga Province, recently launched her book, “Finding Hope in the Midst of Sorrow” in New Zealand and got wide international exposure with her book being sold on major platforms such as Ebay and Amazon.


International movie producers have also contacted her with interest to feature her book in a ‘true story’ episode.


Prior to her ordeal, she had a good decent life as a supportive mother and wife with a committed Christian background with a lot of successes in business and life.


Life has been great until mid 2016, she faced some turbulence in her marriage which led to her being divorced by her husband and later accused of being a witch.

“I went through some very depressed situations where I was branded as a witch by those on my husband’s side and to an extent were I was arrested and detained without any valid reason or charge at all.

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“This became my turning point where I had to pen down every pain and suffering I was going through and with the help of the God all mighty, I sowed high like an eagle and overcome all the cruelties,” Ms Nili said.


She said the book “Finding Hope In The Midst of Sorrow” is one of four books she has written and the manuscript being edited by renowned international book editors.


“My book is mainly about reality of how one can overcome such trauma of being falsely accused of a crime and being branded as a witch or ‘sanguma’ in the PNG society.


“It highlights the personnel experiences on the ordeal I encountered and I hope to share with woman not only in PNG but throughout the world, who are going through similar experiences, on how they can find hope in the mist of sorrow like I did,” Ms Nili said.


“I hope my book inspires women to share and tell their stories, expressing their hardships, their pain, and their challenges to empower those who are going through the same.


“I am also urging our women across the pacific region to come out and tell their story so that the world can know and we can equally find solution to such problems we keep on facing in our region and society,” Ms Nili added.


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