Supreme Court allow Manning and State to appeal his disqualification as Police Commissioner

This battle has gone by but the war is not over.

The Supreme Court this afternoon refused an application by former police officers Sylvester Kalaut and Fred Yakasa challenging the competency of appeal by Police Commissioner David Manning and the state.

They are appealing against the ruling by Justice David Cannings who disqualified Manning as Police Commissioner.

With the recent court ruling, the matter will now proceed to appeal against Canning’s decision.

Kalaut and Yakasa through their lawyer David Dotaona have argued that the appeal had not merits.

The court has now refused this and awarded them costs.

Outside of court Kalaut said they have won the battle with the initial national court ruling that upheld their application challenging Manning’s qualification for the post.

When they go to the substantive appeal, they will amend and firm up few of their arguments.

“The Court said that we can ventilate our arguments again at the substantive hearing,” Dotaona said on social media.
“This battle has gone by but the war is not over.”
Yakasa said their court battle is for the good of the country and they acknowledged people who are behind them.

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