Team PNG focuses on Tokyo Olympics

PNG has 12 sports still trying to qualify individual athletes, including athletics, boxing, judo, karate, sailing, shooting, swimming, table tennis, taekwondo, tennis, triathlon and weightlifting, and our rugby 7s teams have the daunting task of beating regional powerhouses of Fiji and Samoa at the upcoming qualifying event in host country, Fiji

A Morobe village celebrates independence for the first time

They reacted the moment of lowering the Australian flag and raising the PNG flag. It was emotional for many older ones.

Seeing the forest for the trees | By Stephanie Copus-Campbell

Development organisations have a big role to play. Together with our partners in the community and the private sector, we can help the government implement better regulations, develop ecotourism and advise on resource planning. We can also take more responsibility for the environmental friendliness of our own operations, and make sure that any supply chains we draw on are not part of the problem.

Patrick Pruaitch joins government

Patrick Pruaitch announces a defection of his party to government citing the need to collaborate, develop strategies and rescue the country as key reasons

PNG government signs ministerial determination to develop its first offshore LNG project

Twinza Oil has been allowed to develop the Pasca gas field and they can now proceed with their investment in Papua New Guinea

Ol manmeri i kros pait long Jayapura

Dispela pait I stap klostu wan wik nau na ol man I wari bikpela bagarap i ken kamap long ol samting na ol manmeri bai i dai