Teachers auto-suspension from payroll an inhumane act

If the Education Department views the teachers auto suspension from payroll as an “annual auto-suspension exercise” then staff working at the NDOE and provincial offices should be guilty of incompetence and human rights abuse by conscience.

The phrase “annual auto-suspension exercise” was used in the email.

Well that to me implies the department approves and accepts this as normal.


This should not be.

A contract between the employer and the employee to be paid fortnightly has been breached and this is inhumane.

We can’t accept this as normal.

Surely after donkey years with these system flaws or incompetence, someone could not go through the system and find a solution to it.

Even worse kick some butts.

Humans run the system and we can correct or make them work to benefit the employer and the employee.

The auto suspension for teachers being put off payroll has been set for April 23rd 2021.

Educations Secretary Dr Uke Kombra has advised and potentially this will affect, 32,303 teachers throughout the country.

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Kombra has insensitively said in a statement “this is a normal process that falls around this time of the year”.

Come on secretary, this should not be accepted as a normal process of employees being put of payroll. It’s not.

The challenge for you now is to get people to sort this out to ensure the normal HRM process is teachers should not be put off payroll.


Kombra said auto-suspension or automated suspension happens when the system (ALESCO payroll) suspends teachers when their resumption of duty form is not registered in the system.


After suspension, the affected teachers will be restored on payroll after receipts of copies of their RoDSS by Provincial Education Advisors.


The Department has advised that Teacher Resumption Exercise was carried out over six weeks and payroll was responsible or processing RoDSS for six provinces and national institutions. The provinces RoDSS processed at the head office due to no Ednet connectivity include; Gulf, Western including KLM, Southern Highlands, Western New Britain, Jiwaka and Hela.


Also, the RoDSS for national Institutions are processed at the head office.

Sixteen provinces were responsible for managing their teachers’ RoDSS. Fourteen provinces were able to input their RoDSS except Sandaun and Morobe that had issues with manpower and damaged Ednet cables. These two provinces’ RoDSS data entry will be assisted by head office.


The Secretary has raised key issues in the data entry for RoDSS which are;

  • Slow flow of RoDSS to processing site
  • Delays in signing of RoDSS by Provincial Education Advisors.
  • Late appointment of staff
  • Changes in Education Advisors
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Well secretary you have identified the gaps as stated above, improve the flow of data converting to information and do not accept auto-suspension as an annual activity.

It is inhumane to say the least.


The department says provinces with the highest number of teachers that will be affected by the auto-suspension are:

  1. Morobe
  2. Southern Highlands
  3. Madang
  4. Simbu
  5. East Sepik
  6. Eastern Highlands
  7. West New Britain
  8. West Sepik


We hope this would not happen.

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