IEPNG conducts technical audit workshop

The Institution of Engineers PNG Inc and the Professional Engineers Registration Board of PNG have as one of their top priorities is to help the Government combat corruption and ensure that PNG citizens enjoy infrastructure such as roads, bridge, wharves and buildings.We would like to ensure that what is constructed conforms with standards and specifications and in accordance with guiding principles.We believe that a lot of projects are not tendered properly, are price inflated and not constructed to approved technical specifications nor do they adhere to acceptable standards.
There is virtually no technical audit on projects that are being funded by the PNG Government. We, as the sanctioned body responsible for the engineering profession in PNG strongly believe that infrastructure projects constructed in PNG must be audited. This will effectively ensure projects are accurately scoped and priced, tendered and awarded as per the guiding principles and implemented within time and cost perimeters and satisfactorily completed in compliance with set standards and specifications.
We must not continue to accept the status quo. Millions our peoples’ money are being spent on developing the infrastructure of this nation and it is incumbent of us to ensure what we get is for the value of the money that is being spent.
The workshop in Lae is aimed at gauzing views from all stakeholders.
This will then enable IEPNG to coordinate a submission to cabinet to enact legislations, making it mandatory that technical audits are carried out on all government funded projects.
We believe that something must be done.
The project must be audited for technical compliance, safety, longevity, durability and must be guaranteed by all agencies and contractors that the will serve the people of PNG and not fall apart after a few months.

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