Tupira Surf Club in Madang faces threat of being shut out

Tupira Surf Club at Ulingan Bay: Facebook
Patron of world renowned Tupira Surf Club Judge Nicholas Kirriwom has gone public on Facebook social media raising concerns about the future of this   surf club.
A mega logging project in the area that would have logging ships berth at the Ulingan Bay to load logs is a threat to surf tourism.
Located at the Ulingan Bay,  Bogia District, Madang Province, ” the only surfing destination in Madang with a huge international following since it came on stream under the umbrella of the Surfing Association of Papua New Guinea in April 2008 is under real threat of being shut out of operation and existence by mega logging operation on the best of few unscrupulous selfish and greedy individuals against the interests of the majority of the community who support the club that has been their lifesaver in so many ways since its establishment,” Kirriwom said on Facebook.
“I am using this medium to call on Jack Kokon and Adolf Paropet to reconsider their decision and disengage with those few individuals in Sikor village who are misleading them to bring the log shipment back into Ulingan Bay.”
“My position has never changed since I set up Tupira Surf Club as a community resource centre and an asset to the people in place of environmentally destructive logging operations that benefitted no one,” he said.
Kirriwom said years of logging operations in Ulingan Bay has left no tangible benefits such as schools, bridges across creeks, health posts, water supplies or permanent road network in the Kumil TRP area in the years that log export was conducted from Ulingan Bay, and on the devastated beachfront Tupira Surf Club is built.

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