Two PNGDF personnel stood down from Covid-19 awareness

We must respect our uniforms we wear

Two PNG Defense Force personnel engaged with the NCD COVID-19 Awareness and Enforcement program,  have been instructed to withdraw their services, City Sivarai has released a statement.
This stemmed from a non-commissioned army officer who forced a PMV bus crew to push up at the David Unagi Oval for being non-compliant with the National Pandemic Orders in the city.
He was caught red-handed in a photo widely circulated on Facebook.
A senior army officer was also directed to withdraw his service in relation to this incident.
Major Joshua Dorpar said they must gain the respect of the public by allowing common sense to prevail in enforcing the Covid-19 protocols.
“This is not right and defeats our effort in enforcing the protocols.
Let’s be more vigilant and allow common sense to prevail when in the line of duty in order to respect our uniforms we wear,” he said.

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