Unauthorised police deployment to mining camps and logging sites to cease | Press Release


Acting Commissioner of Police David Manning will issue a directive to cease all unauthorised deployments of police personnel to logging camps and mine sites around the country.

Manning will instruct all Divisional Commanders, Provincial Police Commanders and other subordinate officers in positions of authority and trust to cease all unauthorised deployments to logging camps and mine sites around the country.

Mr Manning said on Wednesday from Buka in the Autonomous Region of Bougainville where he has accompanied the National Executive Council for its meeting in Buka.

A two weeks ultimatum will be given beginning next week for ACPs, PPCs, Metsups and operational commanders on the ground to furnish reports on all special police operations across the nation particularly deployments to logging sites and mining camps.

Acting Commissioner Manning said the report will include the manpower list to confirm the actual number of police personnel on active deployment across the nation.

He said moving forward, all requests for such special deployments will now be only authorised and sanctioned by the office of the Deputy Commissioner Operations.

Mr Manning said police will only be deployed to quell law and order issues while issues concerning industrial disputes between landowner groups and the companies at logging camps and mine sites must be resolved amicably through the relevant state agencies in charge of relevant resource sectors.

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He said this to spell out the roles and responsibilities of members of the Constabulary after it was noted that some members of the Constabulary were used by logging companies, mine operators and private businesses in the past to serve their own interests.

Mr Manning said, the role of the Constabulary is to protect life and property and preserve peace and good order in the community, and that policemen and policewomen must exercise this authority fairly, with due care and diligence and within the confines of the law.

He said this initiative is in line with the manpower audit exercise to be undertaken by the office of the Deputy Commissioner Administration.

He said the Constabulary will now take stock of its manpower to ensure every member of the Constabulary is properly accounted, deployed accordingly and effectively utilised.

“Commanders and supervisors will now be held accountable for the whereabouts of all police personnel within their command. This initiative is taken to conform to the government’s intent of promoting accountability, transparency and good governance,” Manning said.



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