Water tanks for Western community but there’s no roofing iron to collect rain water

Christmas and New Year for a remote community in Western Province came with good and bad news.

NBC producer and broadcast officer Hans Mesea shared on his social media wall.

“I hope the people of Malam village can now benefit from the 3  x  9000L Tuffa Tanks then walking 4km to fetch water. I now Wish my people of Malam village a blessed New year 2020,” he said.

The tanks are reported to be delivered by the National Disaster and Emergency services by a helicopter.

Despite this being highly acclaimed, the villagers are left in anticipation when these tanks can serve their purposes of bringing water to communities.

Mesea said there is no iron roof at a building to catch rain water and piped to the drum.

“The village leaders will be seeking these from the South Fly District MP and I have also told them to see the MP immediately,” he said.

Access to safe drinking water is vital for a lot of remote communities in Papua New Guinea and there is much to be done to provide accessible and clean drinking water.


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