Wera Mori explains to Chuave why he stuck to government


Minister for Environment Conservation and Climate Change Honorable Wera Mori who is also Member for Chuave has come out publicly and explained current political movement in National politics at Chuave District headquarters recently.

Mr Mori explained to his people of Chuave that despite the big movement on the floor of parliament from Government side to Opposition, he was still among 16 MPs still on the Government bench.

He said his decision to maintain on the Government bench is for the best interest of the country and the people of Chuave.

“We were 17 MPs still maintained on the Government bench until the number went up to 37 and progressed to 42,” he said.

He said while we maintained the Government Under the leadership of Prime Minister James Marape, our strategic Development Goal for Chuave district is still aligned with the National Development Plan such as Medium Term Development (MTD) Plan.

He urged the people of Chuave to stay calm and work together with him to prioritize services and enabling development in the district.

“We have some major impact project coming up in the district such as Elimbari Lime and Cement factory which will eventuate,” he said.

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He recently pledged to fund K1 million to the people of Mam Duma principle Land owners to form their Incorporated Landowner Group (ILG) for their spin of benefits.

He also thanked the Chuave District Development Authority boards towards wonderful contribution they have made so far and will continue to enabling impact project and services reaching the people of Chuave in his term remaining.

“I am duly impress with your humble commitment and time given to the service of the District and functioning of all service areas under my leadership,” he said.


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