West Sepik’s inter-agency committee for Coronavirus pleads to border people: Don’t cross into Indonesia

There is a public appeal to the people in West Sepik to heed travel bans into Indonesia as a result of the Coronavirus pandemic.

The inter-agency working committee has made a plea to people in Aitape West Coast, villages along the border in Vanimo and the hinterland villages in Imonda, Amanab, Green River and Yapsie to comply with the government’s official travel ban.

They said despite the travel ban, people were illegally crossing to Indonesia.

“Plis ol gutpela man meri, helpim Committee bilong Province na tokim ol barata, susa, tambu, aunty, unkol, tumbuna, man or meri bilong yu or wanpisin long noken crossim boda,” the committee said.

(Please assist the committee in the province and advise your relatives that they should not cross the border)

The committee says Coronavirus is already in Indonesia and as much as a precautionary measure, the people along the border should protect them themselves from contracting the virus by not going to Indonesia.



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