Why children of former PNG politicians want to succeed their parents?

John Thomas Pelika, the son of former Menyamya MP in Morobe late Thomas Pelika is contesting the by-election.

United Labour Party (ULP) leader Sam Basil and John Thomas Pelika

The seat was vacant as a result of his fathers death from a heart attack.

John registers himself in the history books as another another generation who aspires to carry on the legacy of his father.

He has thanked the United Labour Party for having the trust and confidence in him.

He said he was contesting to carry on from where his father left and to fulfill his father’s expectations about the district development plans.

Good luck John Pelika and the people of Menyamya.

In our history, the Tammur’s of Kokopo have inscribe it strongly with father Oscar, then children Patrick (late) and Emil becoming members of Parliament.

Their father Oscar was the pioneer MP for Kokopo and one of the founders of the Mataungan Association.

We could infer the legacy of their father may be influential in how constituents opted for them-creating a dynasty in fact.

Dulciana Somare-Brash attempted the East Sepik Provincial seat after her father Sir Michael Somare retired but the Sepik people rejected her.

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Her brother Arthur Somare, probably was the first to be an MP with his father serving at the same time for 15 years representing the Angoram Open electorate.

Byron Chan joined his father Sir Julius Chan after the Somare’s did, as father and son pollies.

Bill Skate Jnr attempted the NCD Regional seat in 2012 to carry on the late Bill Skate legacy but did not succeed.

Late Ezekiel Anisi succeeded and become the Ambunti Dreikirkir open MP but passed on after serving a term.

His late father Alex Anisi was former premier for East Sepik.

Ezekiel became the youngest MP in parliament at just 25 post 2012 National General Elections.

Many believed riding on his fathers fame created his victory.

Would John Thomas Pelika succeed his late father riding on his fame, may be, and pledging to fulfill his fathers development plans?

ULP endorse young Pelika

ULP endorse young Pelika

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